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Xpico OTA firmware update failed, now dead

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  • Xpico OTA firmware update failed, now dead

    Hi all,

    I have an Xpico device XPCW1002100 with serial 0080A3AE0F6C which died because of a Wi-Fi hiccup during OTA firmware upload. Is there a way to get it back to life, otherwise I can throw away a 850 euro board . Devices' soft AP is not available.

    Help is appreciated.

    And have a good weekend you all!

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    Do you have access to the serial port? If so, you can load the firmware image using DeviceInstaller doing a serial recovery.

    I am concerned that the SoftAP is not coming up, even with a failed OTA it should.



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      Hi Antoine. If the upgrade failed, the device should reboot into the OTA loader.

      If the OTA has problems, it will default to SoftAP with an SSID "LTRX_OTA_xxxxxxxxxxxx", where the "xxxxxxxxxxxx" is the MAC address of the device. The security is open, the SoftAP IP address is

      If the MAC address cannot be determined, that defaults to "000102030405".
      Erick Liska
      Lantronix Inc.


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        Hi Mariano, Erick,

        No soft AP whatsoever, will try to hack a way to the serial port, anyway the board is useless without WiFi, so I can try to cut some wires.

        Will be back at you.

        Thanks already!


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          Phew .

          Found out the Xpico was still connected to my router, found a strange "DHCP client" connected to my router. Was surprised to see the OTA screen on that IP. Reloaded firmware and rebooted just fine, soft AP is also back now.

          Thanks and best wishes,


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            I have the same problem, No softAP, the browser shows "The connection has time out". The symtem light is on but the wifi -led is off. Refresh the brower got the same "time out" page. Any suggestion?