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Embedded web server page customization

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  • Embedded web server page customization

    Does anyone know where I can find more information on how to configure and load a custom web server page to replace the default page?

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    Create an http directory in the filesystem, and any page you put there will be served by the web server. So if you put in /http/test.html, then when you go to you will see your page.

    The exception to that is the files that are already part of the Lantronix web server. We call that "Overridable" files (like index.html). To replace those, you need to put a file called the same in the /main/http/web_manager directory.

    See the list of overridable files below:

    /main/http/web_manager/index.html ? Main file controlling text and graphics
    /main/http/web_manager/style.css ? Style sheet
    /main/http/web_manager/img/bg.gif ? Main background
    /main/http/web_manager/img/company_logo.gif ? Company logo in header container
    /main/http/web_manager/img/product_logo.gif ? Product logo in header container
    /main/http/web_manager/img/favicon.ico ? Shortcut icon
    /main/http/web_manager/img/header_bg.gif ? Head container background


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      Thank you for the quick response!