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Use of GPIO pins

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  • Use of GPIO pins

    I want to use two GPIO pins for switching a relay. One pin will be configured as an input while the other pin will be configured as an output. When a voltage appears on the input pin, I then want the output pin to activate and power a relay coil. The purpose of this setup is to control the data flow through a serial port. Does anyone have any insight how to control the GPIO pins in this manner?

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    It depends on whether this is something that you want the xPico Wi-Fi to do automatically, or if you want to control it from a custom webpage on the web server.

    If custom webpage on a web server, you can read CP inputs and set CP outputs using the WebAPI. We have a Javascript library to make that easier:

    Like any Javascript, it runs on the browser, so it only works while someone is connected to the web server.

    If rather you want the xPico Wi-Fi to make those decisions by itself, then you need to develop code that runs on the xPico Wi-Fi itself. If you would like to do that, you need to contact your local FAE to get the SDK. Since I happen to be the FAE for your region, let me know if this is what you'd like to do and we'll start the process to get you the SDK.



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      Hi Mariano,

      Thank you for your phone call. I look forward to receiving the agreement so I can get started with the sdk.