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  • The file of web manager

    It's my third request in one week, but I promise after It's finish ^^'

    As I said in my precedent post I'm trying to make my own website for the module.
    My idea is to reuse some menu who are presents in Web Manager and add my own menu .
    I succeed to modify webmgr_init.js and main_init.js to have only "QuickConnect" and WLAN Profiles .
    I also did my own modification on QuickConnect while modify quick_connect.js and wlan_profile_edit.html
    But the problem is for WLAN Profiles: the menu seems to be generate with AJAX (so with http request) and I don't find where are the files who manage the appearance .
    Is it possible to change them ?

    Thanks again for your patience, i'm a poor engineer trainee ^^

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    It's not recommended that you modify web manager files other than the ones in the overridable list. You can find that list in the User Guide in the "Branding the xPico Wi-Fi Unit" section.

    The reason is that any of the files that are not in that list might change in future versions of firmware so your application might not be easy to move forward.

    I would recommend that if you want to display WLAN Profiles in a different manner, that you create your own page which uses the WebAPI to do an /export/config of the WLAN Profile Config Group, and then parse the XML in your Javascript to display it as you want.