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Bug in firmware upgrade ?

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  • Bug in firmware upgrade ?

    I changed the Access Point ap0 interface IP from to and all worked fine but then I started firmware upgrade and
    loaded a new bootloader. After reboot I could not connect to either ap0 or Wan interfaces. Investigation showed that the ap0 assigned my computer DHCP address, not, but the ap0 IP remained at, therefore my computer could not establish a HTTP connection to ap0 web server interface.

    To fix the issue I had to change the IP on my computer WLAN from DHCP to manually configured IP to match the ap0's subnet.
    Then I was able to connect to ap0 and continued firmware upgrade process. After completing the upgrade and reboot, ap0 properly assigned DHCP address to my PC in 192.168.1.x subnet.

    Therefore be careful when upgrading, probably better to use the default subnet 192.168.0.x on ap0 interface before starting a firmware upgrade. This seems to be a bug.

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    Yes, it is a bug. It was fixed with the OTA release, which has been added to the Release 3 Alpha 2 post.
    Erick Liska
    Lantronix Inc.