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release 3 alpha 2 ssid and saving settings issues

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  • release 3 alpha 2 ssid and saving settings issues

    I witnessed two very strange behaviors. I am using Firmware Release 3 Alpha 2. The behaviors seem to get triggered when I change settings more than once and sometimes happen when I power the module off then back on.

    The issues are:

    1) The web config stops responding. I then check the windows 7 WiFi list and look for the xpico wifi. Instead of XpicoWiFi_xxxxxx(were the x represents the unique serial), the xPico WiFi ssid is XpicoWiFi_000000. The unique serial numbers are replaced with zeros. I then try to connect to the XPico_000000, enter in the default password(I never changed the default WiFi password). I would then receive the windows couldn't connect error. I removed vcc and gnd for a few minutes to see if that would fix the issues; it did NOT. The ssid is still xPico_000000 and the module is unresponsive. I then set pin 36 to ground for a couple of seconds then release pin 36 from gnd. The WiFi became responsive and the ssid is back to the default ssid.

    2) Another issue that would arise is, the WiFi module would lose the connection properties to connect to my wireless network even though when I entered the values I pressed submit to permanently store the values. I then tried to resubmit the settings. The web config replied with, insufficient file space. When i receive that error I am not able to submit any settings.

    To trouble shoot these issues i would go into the file settings and clean dirty space and format the module. I would also try and reset back to factory settings by hitting the factory web config button. However, I would still receive the insufficient file space error.

    What I found out is, when I completely remove vcc and gnd for a long period of time then reconnect vcc and ground back to the module I no longer receive the insufficient space error and I am able to change the settings. Also the settings are permanently saved even when power is removed.

    The issues that i stated above happen randomly and in no specific order.

    An important note that I should mention is, I use an osepp ftdi breakout board to communicate with the xPico. The boards data sheet is found here ftdi breakout board supplies both 5v and 3.3v. I am using the 3.3v to power the xPico.

    I attempted to use the Devicealler to access the xPico wifi without success. DeviceInstaller lists the xPico WiFi, however, I get a could not access config file error message. So, I downgraded the firmware to the most recent stable release and attempted to access the module. This time DeviceInstaller doesn't find/list the module at all.

    Currently, the xPico release 3 Alpha 2 seems to work as expected, however that could change because the issues happen sporadically.
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    Thanks for reporting these issues with the latest Alpha! All bug reports help make the released firmware even better. We'll investigate the issues you reported.

    As far as DeviceInstaller, Release 2 doesn't support device discovery, so DI will not be able to find it. Discovery is a new feature to Release 3, so that's why DI was able to find it.

    At this time though, DeviceInstaller can't get the configuration from the xPico WiFi.