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xPico WiFi settings (Eu region, AdHoc etc.)

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  • xPico WiFi settings (Eu region, AdHoc etc.)


    xPico Wifi is really nice device
    and with FW wifi connection seems more stable
    in high traffic conditions.

    I'm missing few settings, so I'm asking about possibilities about
    - Eu region support (WiFi ch. 12, 13)
    - AdHoc (Network 2 Configuration)

    I have two additional problems:
    - How to read MAC (Serial number)
    from my JavaME app (mobile device) I can't read
    it from Status page, beacause of
    no possibility to open Javascript table
    Is there any other access port to datas and settings
    from network (telnet....) ?

    - How to implement custom web page with Java applet?
    (is it possible to migrate it from XPORT, )
    I uploaded page files in File system,
    but there is a problem vith applet opening (path?)
    and with safety, because someon can download it.
    Is or will be there any other option?
    (hidden files, write protect, additional password....)

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    I just uploaded the Supplementary Users Guide with the new features from Beta 2:

    Section 10.1 gives you details on where to put a custom webpage. Section 6.3.3 how to change your region value.