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  • Golter
    Hello Mariano,
    Thanks for the hint - it works so well.
    It would be nice if such changes were documented somewhere....

    Best regards

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  • mariano
    Hi Golter,

    In 1.5, new protections for the OEM Configuration Group were added. The password to "unlock" the OEM settings for changing needs to be entered in the XML Import Control configuration group. Adding it to the OEM configuration group is how to change the password.

    So to do what you want to do, this is what you would send:

    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
    <!-- Automatically generated XML -->
    <!DOCTYPE configrecord [
    <!ELEMENT configrecord (configgroup+)>
    <!ELEMENT configgroup (configitem+)>
    <!ELEMENT configitem (value+)>
    <!ELEMENT value (#PCDATA)>
    <!ATTLIST configrecord version CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <!ATTLIST configgroup name CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <!ATTLIST configgroup instance CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <!ATTLIST configitem name CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <!ATTLIST configitem instance CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <!ATTLIST value name CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <configrecord version = "">
    <configgroup name = "XML Import Control">
    <configitem name = "Password">
    <configgroup name = "OEM">
    <configitem name = "Region">
    <value>European Union</value>
    Note that the current Alpha of 1.5 has an issue where this cannot be sent via WebAPI to /import/config, but can be changed via the Command Line Interface. Future version of the Alpha will allow for the change via WebAPI as well.


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  • Golter
    How can I set (under firmware the region code in the configgroup "OEM"?
    I need the wireless channel 13. I have not set an OEM password. The chapter "OEM Management" is missing in the latest user guide and the topic is not included in the wiki.

    Under FW 1.4 * the following XML was successful:

    <? Xml version = "1.0" standalone = "yes"?>
    <! - Automatically generated XML ->
    <! DOCTYPE configrecord [
    <! ELEMENT configrecord (configgroup +)>
    <! ELEMENT configgroup (configitem +)>
    <! ELEMENT configitem (value +)>
    <! ELEMENT value (#PCDATA)>
    <! ATTLIST configrecord version CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <! ATTLIST configgroup name CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <! ATTLIST configgroup instance CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <! ATTLIST configitem name CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <! ATTLIST configitem instance CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <! ATTLIST valuename CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <Configrecord version = "">
    <Configgroup name = "OEM">
    <Configitem name = "Password">
    <Configitem name = "MAC Address">
    <Value>00 80 A3 A0 4A 4C</value>
    <Configitem name = "Region">
    <Value>European Union</value>
    <Configitem name = "SKU">
    <Configitem name = "ConfigurationVersion">
    <Value></ value>

    With FW 1.5 * answers xPico WiFi:

    <? Xml version = "1.0" standalone = "yes"?>
    <! - Automatically generated XML ->
    <! DOCTYPE function [
    <! ELEMENT function (return)>
    <! ELEMENT return (result, message +)>
    <! ELEMENT result (#PCDATA)>
    <! ELEMENT message (#PCDATA)>
    <! ATTLIST function version CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <Function version = "">
    <Message> ERROR: Not allowed to change OEM settings. </Message>
    <Message> ERROR: Failed in group & quot; OEM & quot ;. </message>
    <Message> ERROR: XML parsing failed at line 32. </Message>
    <Message> ERROR: XML import failed. </Message>
    <Result> Failed </ result>

    Thanks for your help!

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  • mariano
    started a topic Release 5 Alpha version

    Release 5 Alpha version

    This version adds a couple of features to enhance security in the web server.

    - Digest authentication in addition to Basic. Note that Digest is now the default authentication for the web server
    - Multiple user level access controls

    How to use user level access controls:
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