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  • Release 5 Alpha version

    Here's another Alpha firmware for 1.5. As with any Alpha, exercise caution as testing is limited and please provide feedback!

    New features:
    - Device filesystem implementation. This means you can write to file /dev/line_1 and the contents will come out Line 1. Handy if you want to use WebDAV (aka Filesystem WebAPI) to push data to the serial ports faster than with /status/action. More details on the wiki (

    - Mux non-blocking connect function. Add a "." after the port number to make the Connect function non-blocking. E.g:\r

    That will return immediately with a K (assuming instance 1 is available, of course), even if the TCP connection is not immediately made. You can check the status by sending: 1\r

    W - Waiting for Connection establishment
    K - Active

    Or you can continue using the previous syntax without the period:\r

    This will block until the connection is made (or DNS lookup + TCP connection timeout). So the behavior here doesn't change, a K response means connection established.

    Some enhancements:
    - Scan function works with custom index.html
    - Much faster response to WebAPI calls

    Attached are the .rom, as well as the package builder so you can build your own .rom with just the modules you want.
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    there is the bug in this firmware.

    My config:
    Line1: none (use for webtoapi)
    Line2: tunnel

    Tunel2 connect:
    Host1: port:80 - configured by xml import

    When I try set Host2 (by web manager) for Tunnel2 to port:3001 the response is (when tunnel1 hosts are filled):

    No configuration changes were made.
    WARNING: Serial protocol is not "Tunnel".

    or (when tunnel1 hosts are empty):

    Changed Tunnel 1 Connect Host 1 Address to "".
    Changed Tunnel 1 Connect Host 1 Port to "80".
    Changed Tunnel 1 Connect Host 2 Address to "".
    Changed Tunnel 1 Connect Host 2 Port to "3001".
    The changes have been saved permanently.
    WARNING: Serial protocol is not "Tunnel".

    After this message is changed hosts for tunnel1.

    My question is: Why is changed Tunnel1 when I am changing tunnel2?
    The reply is not necessary I want you know about this.


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      OK so last time i used the Monitor protocol and a custom web page.

      Now I need to push data from the web page to the serial port as well as getting data from the serial port into my web page.

      It seems a lot of changes and features has been added to the Xpico Wifi device.

      I was hoping to find the new features nicely documented in the new manual but
      everything is way outdated. I am forced to search through reams of forum postings to peace together some meaningful "big picture" and APIs to work with.

      Where is the examples? You know that critical stuff to get up to speed ASAP??

      Please advise on where all the relevant "up to date" documentation can be found.


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        The User Guide has the WebAPI documentation as of firmware 1.3. There's new functions in 1.4 that might help you with what you're doing. You can find details and examples here:

        Some people have found useful to use the Javascript library that does the XML parsing for you:

        The later 1.5 Betas also have a new function called Filesystem to serial which might also work for you, if you want to use WebDAV. Details and examples here: