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New OTA loader firmware (version

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  • New OTA loader firmware (version

    The xPico Wi-Fi has two pieces of firmware that you can upgrade.

    One is the firmware that runs the standard application, and that's the one that we've been posting Alpha images. The other is the OTA application which manages the Over The Air firmware upgrades.

    This piece of firmware doesn't need to be updated as often, but every once in a while it does. For example, if you had parts with Release 1 firmware, they needed to be upgraded to OTA prior to upgrading to Release 2 (see this:,%20012414.pdf)

    Most people haven't had to upgrade OTA since parts purchased with Release 2 firmware built-in already had OTA

    Now we have a new OTA, version, which has a few bug fixes. If you're having trouble with OTA, please upgrade to this one attached.

    To upgrade the OTA, you follow the same process as upgrading main firmware. The xPico Wi-Fi detects which kind of .rom file it is and upgrades the correct section of flash.
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