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  • Release 3 Alpha 2 - version

    The current production firmware of xPico Wi-Fi is Release 2. With the upcoming Release 3, we're happy to provide a second Alpha for your testing.

    Please note: This code is Alpha and not intended for production. A limited amount of testing has been done on it, but it has not gone through full regression testing. Use at your own risk.

    See also the attached supplementary Users Guide for the new features.

    This firmware version adds a feature called the Mux. A serial port can be configured to be controlled by this mux, and the microcontroller attached can now multiplex multiple network connections over the serial port (both connect and accept connections) using a simple API.

    This also allows for data posted to a special URL on the webserver to be accessible via the serial port for bi-directional communication between a Javascript/HTML application and the serial port.

    See the Mux Command Reference. Also see form.html and the readme.txt for an example on how to use it.

    This release also includes a new feature, the File System Web API. Please see the attached document for details.

    Added the OTA loader release
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