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  • Release 2 Beta 3 version

    The current Production release is version which is factory preloaded onto the modules. This is referred to as Production Release 1.
    As part of the feature rollout process Beta releases are made available. The Beta releases which tested as part of the Beta process have not been fully production tested.

    OTA Upgrade Procedure: Production version to Beta 3 version

    Upgrading from Production Version to Release 2, Beta 3 (version requires an update to both the bootloader and OTA upgrade loader.

    IMPORTANT: The autoloader (containing both the bootloader and OTA loader upgrades) must be upgraded before the application firmware.

    Upgrade steps:
    Step 1: Connect to the xPico Wi-Fi Web Manager
    Step 2: From the System page in Web Manager, choose "Firmware Upload."
    Step 3: When the upgrade webpage appears, choose and upload the autoloader ROM image file (stm32f2xx_ota_autoloader_1.1.0.0R7.rom).
    Step 4: When the upload is complete, reboot the xPico Wi-Fi. The autoloader will automatically upgrade both the bootloader and the OTA loader onboard the SPI flash.
    Step 5: When the autoloader is finished upgrading, it will present a webpage to allow upgrading the application firmware; now click the "Firmware Upload" button.
    Step 6: To install the application ROM image enter the Beta 2 ROM Image file (xPicoWifi_1.1.0.2R5.rom).
    Step 7: Once the upgrade is complete, remove all power from the xPico Wi-Fi for at least 60 seconds and then restart.

    Please note that Lantronix Technical Support can only support Released Firmware. If you use Beta firmware for the new features or bug fixes, please post any problems that you have on this forum, or contact your Field Applications Engineer.

    If you are upgrading from Beta 2, updating the OTA loader is not required, but I recommend it. The latest OTA loader fixes issues with loading the full firmware, such as the "Upgrade Incomplete" issue.

    Also attached is the latest Supplementary Users Guide for this Beta's features.
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