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Error attempting to get device configuration

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  • Error attempting to get device configuration

    When I try using Device Installer to look at the configuration of my UDS2100 a warning pops up. The message says "The configuration could not be retrieved from the device. Do you want to retry using the Mac Address of the device?". I click retry and an error is still present in the Device Details panel. Under Property, an ERROR is listed. The value of the ERROR says "An error occurred while attempting to retrieve the device configuration." Under Online Status, the value says Online. However, when I try to open the Web Configuration, it says that the device is not online. I've connected the device to my computer without any other devices attached to the serial ports. Is there something that I am doing wrong?

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    Hello jp28,

    My name is Jacques Bastian and I am the Technical Support engineer responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

    Please see the following FAQ:

    Most likely the UDS2100 has an IP-address out of a different IP-range than you computer that is running Device Installer. It could be that the UDS2100 assigned itself an auto-IP out of the range 169.254.x.x. If this is the case than you can assign your computer and IP-address out of the same range (e.g.

    Also please have a look at the following FAQ:


    Jacques Bastian
    Technical Support Engineer EMEA
    Europe, Middle-East, Africa
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