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Has anyone tried CPR on Windows 10 yet?

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  • Has anyone tried CPR on Windows 10 yet?

    Has anyone tried CPR on Window 10 yet?

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    Yes, it installs and works fine if you are just using it occasionally, but if run 24 hours it seems to cause my windows 10 machines to freeze.

    I as able to repeat this on multiple computers and no issues once I reverted back to windows 7


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      Had similar problems on Windows Server 2016 but Windows Server 2012R2 worked fine.
      Windows Server 2016 sometimes even blue screened. Interestingly I had two devices on the server, one on the local network that worked fine, and one at the other end of an internet connection. When the internet connection temporarily dropped out the serial port would lock up and I would have to restart/reset everything. This was with the "Server Reconnect" and "Timeout Reconnect" options selected. From this I assumed that the network reconnection software in the CPR driver was causing the problems.
      So I unticked the "Server Reconnect" and "Timeout Reconnect" options and ticked the "TCP KeepAlive" option which disconnects the COM port on a network dropout. Then I added port reconnection (close/open) code to my software and this seems to have fixed the issue.