I'm experiencing an issue on a few of my PW2050 modules where I cannot read or write to some of the files in /ltrx_user/pwxcr/ .

# cat /ltrx_user/pwxcr/PW2050.xsr
cat: can't open '/ltrx_user/pwxcr/PW2050.xsr': Input/output error
# test -e /ltrx_user/pwxcr/PW2050.xsr
# echo $?
Only some boards are affected by this issue, and others can read/write to the 3 files just fine.

I'm building off of Yocto Premierwave release 8.5.

My programming procedure is:
  1. Load the recovery loader (RecovLoader_at9g25-2.rom) over the serial port
  2. CLI> flash clean
  3. CLI> flash download network
Reprogramming does not appear to fix the issue.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?