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virtual com port on CPR MANAGER remains disconnected

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  • virtual com port on CPR MANAGER remains disconnected

    Dear Sir

    We have some trolleys inside hospitals network that transfer their status to a remote PC by WiFi and hospital APs?.
    We are evaluating XPICO WIFI because our current module are 802.11b only and now we need 802.11 bgn and WPA2 too.

    I explain better the systems.

    Trolley has inside a main bord with a ATMEGA 128 microprocessor.
    The ATMEGA comunicate by a UART to WiFi module.
    The AP send data to a remote PC where our sofware collect data coming from ATMEGA 128.
    Our software is based on com port comunication so we installed CPR manager to create one or more than one virtual comport.
    I programmed the Lantronix XPICO WIFI module and installed CPR MANAGER on our PC.
    Take note our trolley it is not always connectd to power supply so during a day it can be powered three or four times for a couple of hours.
    If you activate the pc , the ap and then XPICO data are transferred correcty between ATMEGA and PC.
    If trolley is disconnected form power supply XPICO WIFI goes off and CPR MANAGER showes disconnection.
    After that if you reconnect the trolley to power supply (XPICO WIFI powered too), by a ping you can see the module is active but virtual com
    port on CPR MANAGER remains disconnected. This cause our software cannot see again the trolley and its status and data are missing.
    The pc restats receiving data if you close and reopen our software application.
    Please take note our software open all the necessary virtual com port when it starts, and close the ports when you close the software.
    We tried to find a solution to this problem without succes, we tried to change virtual com setting in CPR MANAGER and in Lantronix wifi module
    but the problem still remains.
    Moreover we have no one example to test and we are not sure the settings in wifi module is complete right. We only know the chain works in
    certain situation.
    We also tried to record com port status in the different situation with CPR MONITOR. You can find some picture in attacted ?CPRmonitortacking?
    Or in ?Others? for the CPR MANAGER settings
    Is there a possibility CPR MANAGER reopen automatically the virtual com port and send data to our software without close and reopen the virtual com?
    Do you have one or more than one example in C, C++, C# (better the source code) we can use for some tests.
    There is a ? standard? setting in XPICO WIFI for systems as ours?

    Kindly regards