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Automatic Xport configuration

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  • Automatic Xport configuration

    Hi all,

    One of our products uses the Xport (not the AR) to allow an embedded MCU connect to LAN.
    We would like to allow our end-users to be able to setup the XPort settings during our software installation process without having to explain to them how to use DeviceInstaller.

    My question is, is there any way of settings up the XPort through a Script/Batch or is there an API available to incorporate in our program?

    I should add, that I am referring to setting up a totally new XPort, one that does not yet have an IP. I know that DeviceInstaller has the ability to detect them and configure a static IP. This is something that we would need to be able to do.

    Thanks for you help.


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    We you able to figure this out?

    CentOS 5.4
    Matchport AR
    Linux SDK


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      Yes, the XPort can be configured from the network side via a script or batch file.

      For details on how to do this you should contact your Lantronix Field Applications Engineer. If you send me a PM with your location and company name I can send you the right contact.