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Possible to use 2 XPort AR to do routing?

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  • Possible to use 2 XPort AR to do routing?

    What I'm wondering is if I can have one XPort AR plugged into the internet and connected serially to one or two (since we have 2 serial ports) additional XPort AR that then acts as an internet source for another device. Effectively, being a router.
    I would need the capability of plugging a device in that would then tunnel to a host on the internet and not see my router, any more than it would see any other router.

    Normally, I could just go out and buy a router and be done with it, but in this case, the serial lines would have an RS485 converter so that the separate plug in points are remote to each other. The RS485 is transparent to the XPort, as far as they are concerned, they are directly wired. In this scenario running internet cable is absolutely NOT an option, and the environment has far too much RF noise for any wireless solution.

    I'm looking at the XPort AR since its already in place at one end of the serial line and can easily be added at the other.

    I'm fiddling around with this and can't figure out a way to tunnel through without seeing the XPorts. Might not be possible, but its worth a shot.