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    Hi there!

    I am doing a project with Xport AR, but I have some problem. In my project there is a microcontroller that is connected to the Xport AR's serial port. And the Xport's eth. interface is connected to my comp. The goal is that I want to send 8 bit commands (like 00110011) to the microcontroller from my computer. And of course, the microcontroller sends 8 bit commands to the Xport, which I want to get on my comp aswell. I've tried some settings, but nothing worked, so I got totally confused. I would be really grateful if someone could help me with this.

    Can anyone give me some blureprints? Should I try the settings of Tunneling or create a PPP? Which program should I use on my computer to send and see those desired 0s and 1s?

    Thanks in advance

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    What settings do you have for your tunnel right now? And do you have the XportAR connected directly to your computer? or through the network?

    I would start by figuring out if the problem is with your computer, the tunnel, or the microcontroller. In the web GUI or the CLI you can go to the tunnel section and find out how many bytes that serial port is sending/receiving. Or if you have access to an oscilloscope, that would help see if the signals you are sending are actually getting sent.

    I use putty. it's free to download and you can set up ftp/ssh/telnet/serial all through it, very simple and lightweight.

    Good luck!
    Oddly Enough,
    Ilya C


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      I've found that its easiest to put the XPort in Accept mode, then use a program like Hyperterm to connect to it by giving it the IP address and port number to connect to. Most Comm programs for your computer want to call out and have no way to wait for a connection coming in.

      While you won't be able to do all 8-bit combinations, you can send text to at least get up and running. If you need to send binary data, its usually simpler to send "hex ascii", where you send 0-9,a-f in text, and translate each character into a nibble.

      Make sure the serial settings on the XPort match the serial settings on the serial port of the microprocessor. You may have to enable or disable hardware flow control, depending on how you the two together.