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How to detect an open socket connection?

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  • How to detect an open socket connection?

    Does anyone know a simple way to check if the default tunneling function is active on the Xport AR? I have an SNMP based monitoring system that I would like to halt if someone uses the web application to enable tunneling and initiates a connection.

    I have written an application that starts a thread which uses one of the serial ports to communicate with our product's embedded processor, which continuously polls to update a large list of variables in the Xport AR's RAM. A custom MIB has been created with OID's that point to the same variables that the polling thread keeps updated. Everything is working smoothly.

    I have studied the "tunneler.c" and "aestunnelserver.c" examples, but these both setup the tunneling manually, including declaring the variables and structures that are used to keep track of open ports. What variables are used by the default, built-in tunneling routines?

    Mike P