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Announcing XPort AR SDK Beta Release Version

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  • Announcing XPort AR SDK Beta Release Version

    Welcome to the XPort AR SDK Version Beta release!

    This release replaces the previous release and is considered Beta software. As such it has not yet been fully processed by the Lantronix Q.A. department. Please let us know via a forum post if you find any issues, and be sure to indicate that you are using Beta version

    The attached ZIP file contains the SDK release and includes the following:
    • SDK Users Guide
    • SDK API Reference
    • List of bug fixes
    • Build libraries and include files
    • Sample source code

    Please contact the Lantronix sales department for more information on how to obtain the development tools needed to build XPort AR SDK applications.

    Product Changes:
    1. Bug 8462: Extremely slow cli/web access over PPP serial line has been fixed.
    2. Bug 8511: Fixed firmware reset problems during SerialPurge() or when reconfiguring serial port.
    3. Fixed XCR import problem when configuring HTTP authentication.
    4. Fixed XCR export problem with CP's.

    Please see the Release Notes included in the attached ZIP file for a more detailed list of all changes.
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