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Announcing XPort AR SDK Beta Release Version

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  • Announcing XPort AR SDK Beta Release Version

    Welcome to the XPort AR SDK Version Beta release!

    This release replaces the previous release and is considered Beta software. As such it has not yet been fully processed by the Lantronix Q.A. department. Please let us know via a forum post if you find any issues, and be sure to indicate that you are using Beta version
    The attached ZIP file contains the SDK release and includes the following:
    • SDK Users Guide
    • SDK API Reference
    • List of bug fixes
    • Build libraries and include files
    • Sample source code
    Please contact the Lantronix sales department for more information on how to obtain the development tools needed to build XPort AR SDK applications.

    Product Changes:
    1. Added capability to turn on/off the use of Auto IP. If Auto IP is on and DHCP is on, then, if DHCP fails, a 169.254.*.* address is generated and used. If Auto IP is off and DHCP is on, then the stack remains in DHCP indefinitely, until an IP address is received and configured.

    2. New CLI commands in the "if 1" config level include:
      • autoip
      • no autoip
    3. Dynamic memory management has been improved to send errors and heap corruption to the tlog.

    4. Added tlog output for errors in setting serial configuration via SNMP.

    5. Added IP Forwarding options for PPP. This feature provides basic IP packet forwarding between the serial side and the network side, without having to set up static routes on each side. New CLI commands under the PPP level include:
      • ipfwd (Enable IP Forwarding)
      • no ipfwd (Disable IP Forwarding)
      • show ipfwd (Show IP Forwarding Table)
      • ipfwd clear (Clear and entry in the forwarding table)
      • ipfwd add (Add an entry to the forwarding table)

    6. Changed web display message for authentication failure from 401 error message to "Unauthorized".

    7. XPortAR v2->v3 upgrade
      • Added enhancement so that hidden files are now retained across the format operation.
      • Added flash version check so if it is discovered that the flash is at v2, it recovers critical network configuration comprising:
        • DHCP enabled/disabled
        • BOOTP enabled/disabled
        • IP Address
        • IP Mask
        • Default Gateway
      • All other configuration is lost across an upgrade, reverting to the factory defaults. User must be advised to compact the filesystem prior to upgrade to assure that the information is in Bank B since Bank A will be overwritten by the larger program image.
    8. Added support to reset HTTP port and SSL port to default value in web and CLI. New CLI commands "default ip http port" and "default ip http ssl port".

    9. Implemented criteria for sending TCP data in accordance with RFC 1122 paragraph This allowed some byte packing to be removed from tunneling code, with improved performance.

    10. Implemented a character collection mechanism to concatenate serial receive data into larger chunks, without adversely affecting latencies. This helps to reduce network traffic for tunneling.

    11. Disabled HTTP nonce checking.

    12. Increased the rate that TCP timeouts are checked, to reduce the timeout granularity from 200 msec down to 100 msec.

    13. Added user option to display remote IP address after RING in modem emulation.

    14. Internal and External heap regions now allocated dynamically, based on auto-detected SRAM size.

    15. If malloc fails on the main heap, we now attempt to allocate from the internal heap.

    16. Reduced CPU history from 5 minutes to 30 seconds, freeing up more BSS memory.

    17. Status display of TCP sockets now properly shows the CLOSING state.

    18. TCP sockets in the CLOSING state are now freed after 5 minutes.

    Please see the Release Notes included in the attached ZIP file for a more detailed list of all changes.
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