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  • Restore XPORT-AR

    Hello, I updated the firmware on my xport-ar and the installation is complete restart the xport and restart the right LED is only flashing orange, but I'm trying to recover and could not because I changed the parameters of my console: 2400 buads, even parity, 1 stop bits and flow control Xon, Xoff, and the manual asks me to my com port settings have the classic, what I can do?

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    Device recovery

    1) Set up TeraTerm to control a serial port on your PC to 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no flow control.
    2) Connect your PC serial port to the XPort-AR serial port.
    3) Remove power from the XPort-AR.
    4) On your PC, press and hold the "!" key, so it will auto-repeat.
    5) While still holding down the "!" key, apply power to the XPort-AR.
    6) While still holding down the "!" key, watch for a "!" to appear on your TeraTerm display. It can sometimes take over a minute, I know, it can seem like forever.
    7) When you see the "!", stop holding down the "!" key, and then press the characters "x", "y", and "z" in sequence. You have about one second to respond with the "x" and each subsequent character.
    8) When you see a double prompt ">>", you are in "safe mode" of the CLI, and can change your settings. Please beware that serial port changes will take immediate effect and could disrupt your session. Usually I will use "safe mode" to get the IP address set up right, save it with a "write" command, and then exit "safe mode" so that the Web Manager will work. Then I use the Web Manager to change serial settings without any hassle.


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      but never mind that I have changed the configuration of my XPORT serial port?
      And i need the MAX232 or can i connect directly to the com port of my pc?
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        The recovery procedure uses this configuration regardless of how you have already configured the device. Otherwise it would not be useful for recovery.

        I do not know what "MAX32" is. You will need to connect the two serial ports together, and the wiring must be correct.


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          ok thank you, the max232 is for change ttl signal to RS232


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            Right, your XPort-AR has TTL, so you will want to convert to RS-232 for your PC.


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              i dont undertand, the xport is not responding, and the rigth led is flashing always on orange.