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  • output pins

    i am new with the xport ar i got it from a friend but he only gave me the xport ar but nothing more. so i dont no the distributor or something like this to get the sdk.

    so i tried on my on to got it work and i can connect to the xport ar but my question now is how can i set the output pins from a website on the xport ar ?

    sry for my english

    best regards

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    IT's under CPM.


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      Sry but i mean with an Self made Website.
      For the First Time i want an Website where are somethink like One or two Button and when you Press that Button Pin xy is Set.

      My idea is that i can Switch on or off my light in my Room from any Device in my WLAN Network.


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        This will require you to modify the existing web server in the XPort AR using custom C programs and the SDK.

        The CPU in the XPort AR is a custom, proprietary design created by Lantronix. The compiler is not GNU based and I think costs a few thousand dollars (about $2500 (US) if I recall correctly). Customers typically work with a Field Engineer to purchase the tools and get started. Also check out

        Have you looked into the Arduino? It might suit your needs much better. The Arudino is about $30 USD and has a great community behind it.