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Evolution SDK without http/tunnels etc

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  • Evolution SDK without http/tunnels etc

    With the older SDK (CPK65xx) I was able to start with a clean system
    (but including tftp-update-server). Using the XPORT-AR SDK, I get
    all kind of stuff (tunnels/web-server/ftp-server) that I do not want to have
    in my firmware for our system.
    The GLOBAL void newmain() was called after initialization of the system. Now
    with Evolution, SDKMain/SDKEntry is called after initialization, but as said the system now already has all kind of things running. How can I make sure that nothing is running (except the "ip-stack") when SDKMain/SDKEntry is called?

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    The EVO SDK and the CPK are very different environments. With EVO, you get all the standard firmware functionality, and you 'add' your functionality.
    With the CPK, you pretty much need to do everything.
    EVO does not allow separate module linking. However, you can set the Line Protocol to None to disable the standard Tunnel.


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      Thanks Gary. I was afraid for this answer. Indeed, with the CPK
      I needed to do all, but "all" was pretty straight forward so my XPORT
      was performing only that task. Now I have an XPORT AR with all kinds of stuff
      that is not used.... of course I can disable the unneeded stuf, but still
      it will most likely cost me some kind of resources.


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        True - but that's the way the EVO SDK was developed. There is no intention to break it into modules.
        So, if the XPort did what you need, why the XPort-AR? PoE? SSL?
        Fell free to contact me direct at [email protected] since we don't need to discuss your reasoning in the open forum.