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Setting phy mode / speed

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  • Setting phy mode / speed

    Hi !

    I'm looking to setting up the PHY mode / speed (full, half, 10,100) through the API. Unfortunately I found "only" functions for IP, Netmask, etc, like StackConfSetIpAddress()

    Is it a way to achieve this ? What is the default mode ? The factory firmware provide this through the webserver. But I do not understand exactly how

    If nothing is set after burning a new firmware, can it leads to 169.254.xx.xx IP's ?


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    Changing configuration programmatically

    Get version 5.2 of the XPort-AR.

    Use XMLImportFromStream. See sample xmlconfig.c. First set the device manually the way you want. Then export XML for the affected group(s) to see what it looks like. Configuration will only be changed for the groups you import. If you leave out any item, it will be set to its default. So you only need to supply values for items that you want to be different from the default.