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  • WebMgrSslCertificatGenerate

    I want to be able to generate SSL certificates from my code but the API does not give specific information about how to format the parameters to generate the certificate or what it returns the function returns.

    First question what values will this function return and what do they mean?

    int WebMgrSslCertificatGenerate (char ∗pCountry, char ∗pState, char ∗pLocality, char ∗pOrg, char ∗pOrgUnit, char ∗pContact, char ∗pExpires, long bitSize, int save)

    Next what is the int save parameter? And what format do the char* have to be especially the pExpires field? Lastly is there a parameter for the Common Name? Thanks.
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    The return values for this function are:

    -2: invalid cert
    -1: save process failed
    1: certificate successfully generated and saved

    The format of the pExpires parm is:
    YYMMDDHHMMSSZ (ASCII characters)

    The save parameter indicates whether the generated certificate should be saved to the configuration database.

    The other parameters must be null terminated ASCII characters.

    There is no parameter for the common name.


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      Return Value

      I have been receiving a return value of 0. What does that mean?

      I was also wondering for the save parameter is it TRUE => 1 if I want to save and FALSE => 0 if I do not want to save?

      Also why is there not a parameter for Common Name when I can set a Common Name through the Command Line Interface and through the Lantronix Web Manager? I really need to set this field, is there another way to do it?

      Also I had some issues the year anything greater than 49 I believe ends up as a 1900 year. So 49 is 2049 but 50 is 1950.

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