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    Any chance of geting a list of current syslog messages & there meaning?
    'el\mtinit.c: ack Overrun by task 28 (SerialPort0ReadThread)'

    is this stack Overrun? (overflow)
    Many Thanks

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    Stack Overrun

    Yes, it is definitely the stack overrun message. These messages are limited in length and the front gets truncated if necessary.

    No, we do not have a definitive list. There are many thousands. Most are obscure and should never be seen; as part of our coding practice, rather than assume anything we prefer to test the condition and if it does not match what the designer expected, a log message is placed there as a way to get attention to it.

    The stack overrun is not detected immediately when the overrun occurs. Rather, when a task switch occurs, the operating system looks at the bottom of the allocated stack space to see if its marker has been clobbered.

    Generally when I see this, I first set my task stack size much larger than I ever expect it needs to be, then I run test cases through my code and afterward examine the stack usage for that task. Based on that I can reduce my stack size. Typically I set it to just over twice what I have measured worst case. Encryption operations use lots of stack, so it is important to include encryption in your test cases if applicable to get a reasonable estimate.


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      Thanks snook