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VmWare Linux SDK 2_0_0_3

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  • VmWare Linux SDK 2_0_0_3

    I am trying to install SDK_2_0_0_3 Vmware Install but I am getting an error.
    After I unzip them, I run the *.vmx file but it?s not working.
    In the release says that it?s incremental, so don?t know if there anything else that I need to do first.
    Also, does anybody know what?s are bug fixes between to this version?

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    Below are enhancement and bug fixes in compare to
    New Features:
    1. Added support for XPort Pro (16 MB SDRAM) - New product and profiles.

    1.BusyBox-wget package to support "post-file" feature
    2. dropbear package by improving session initiation time
    3. SNMP package to support Net-SNMP version 5.6.1 along with Net-SNMP version 5.5

    Bug Fixes:
    1. Bugfixes to the build STLport, python and libssh.
    2. Fixed stack size of ftpd.

    Use VMware Player v3.0 or above to for SDK_2_0_0_3 Vmware Install.
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