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Qt application on XPORT PRO

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  • Mark
    This came up in another related post:

    If you want to cross compile something like thttpd, without invoking the -fPIC flag for the entire compilation process, you can modify the files. Config uses these to generate the Makefiles.

    Having tried to compile thttpd, one realises that its the code in cgi-src and extras that are having problems. I modified <install_dir>/linux/user/thttpd/cgi-src/ and <install_dir>/linux/user/thttpd/extras/

    Doesn't stop my XPort Pro from restarting when someone tries to load a webpage though...

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  • f15h
    Using -fPIC might solve the problem

    Hi Everybody,

    I had a lot of this relocation problems - and in my case (libshout,libogg,libvorbis,libcp,...)
    I consequently compiled all my libraries with an addtional -fPIC Flag (i used it for both CFLAGS and LDFLAGS)

    Note that the whole buildsystem of the Linux SDK is using the -fPIC Flag. I noticed that you can't mix -fPIC and Non-fPIC Libraries. For example when you are compiling an application with libcp from the SDK (for the gpios) and you add another Library - it will only work if the additional Library is also compiled with -fPIC.

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  • zellerm

    I'am also trying to use QT Application.
    Did you have succeeded ?

    I'am getting error
    ERROR: reloc type R_68K_32 is not supported for PIC
    when compiling my application.
    QT compiles just fine in shard an static mode.

    Best regards,

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  • roul
    started a topic Qt application on XPORT PRO

    Qt application on XPORT PRO

    I need to know if it's possible to compile a qt application (without GUI) for a XPORT PRO linux base.

    Thanks for your help.