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snmp program knowledge ???

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  • snmp program knowledge ???

    Hi !

    I have to develop programs for XPORT Pro under Linux SDK and a part of this development is about to make a "snmp V1 management".
    I'd have some questions about snmp, since it's the first time I develop for this kind of network protocol :

    - How could I read and/or write MIBs in a program (C or Perl, or else...) ?
    - Is it possible to send the whole MIB content in a trap ?

    Thanks for any help !!

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    You can begin with net-snmp library.
    It has usefull tools like mib2c. Also this library is included to the SDK


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      Using snmp tools

      Hi there!

      I wonder if anyone could help me adding and most important USE the net-snmp appications included in the sdk.

      For example, when I try to use snmpget to ask for data from other machine I get the following error:

      snmpget -D ALL -v 1 -c public
      No log handling enabled - using stderr logging

      and my Xport Pro hangs forever having to reflash the system image.

      Thanks in advance!