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Potential serial port receive problem using s2e

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  • Potential serial port receive problem using s2e

    Hello I've come across a problem whilst trying to communicate to a microcontroller. Using SDK I've built an image with the s2e application enabled and configured s2e through the web interface for RS232C B2400 8N1 with no flow control on ttyS0.

    The avr receives data correctly without the XPort's Rx pin connected to the avr's Tx pin.
    When the XPort's Rx pin is connected to the Tx of the avr the avr receives extra bytes at the end of transmission, this could occur when the avr sends a response back. Sometimes the response text is displayed at the telnet terminal but usually nothing is displayed at the terminal.

    I've tried a loopback test by connecting the XPort's Tx and Rx pins together and no sensible echo is displayed.

    I'm thinking the XPort has been damaged but haven't got another unit to replace it with to check.

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    Has s2e collided with the console input?
    Please re-try after disabling a console by the way written here.


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      s2e and the console was colliding. Disabling Linux console output did the trick.

      Thank you.