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Read Serial Port without effecting serial to ethernet tunnelling

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  • Read Serial Port without effecting serial to ethernet tunnelling


    I am using Xport Pro Linux. I want to read data from serial port and do some processing.
    I wrote a program to read serial port ttyS0, using 'open' and 'read' api, it works well if the ethernet port(say 5000) is not opened by any application.
    Looks like only one process can access the serial port.

    How can I read serial port when other application is accessing the tunneling port?

    Please Help.
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    The serial port is controlled by typical Linux permissions. If one process opens a serial port, then other attempts would typically fail. If you truly need multiple processes accessing the same serial data, then you will need to author that 'man in the middle' code, and handle the buffering.


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      I want to develop NTP server in the Xport Pro Linux. Time information will be sent from the device connected serially, I want to read this information to frame ntp packet, while normal serial to Ethernet tunneling is happening.
      How can I do this?

      Please Help.