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CPM acts inconsistently

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  • CPM acts inconsistently

    I can never get this program to behave consistently. I'll change an input to and output or something similar, and randomly it will tell me there is an error in the config file in 3.

    cpm will then not work until I reboot the xport.

    For some reason when I set the pins as input with nothing on them, they'll still read as hig when I invoke cpm -s. Putting a voltmeter on the pin shows that it's spitting out like 3V even when I have it configured as an input.

    This happens on 2 separate Xport pros that I have.

    Also, it seems 2 of the gpio pins on one of my xports is stuck on high. When I configure them as outputs, the values never show zero. CPM always reports these two pins as high even when I set their outputs as zero with cpm -n 1 -v 0
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