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Correct tool for plain XPort (512KB/256KB)

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  • Correct tool for plain XPort (512KB/256KB)


    I am on a project with a board that uses the plain XPort (512KB/256KB), not XPort Pro (16 meg). It seemed like all of the instructions for the Linux SDK assume the XPort Pro. Is the Linux SDK the correct tool to use for the plain XPort? If so, what is the target image compilation for the SDK?

    Related to this question: my project only requires that I pass telnet traffic over the serial pins to the USART in the MCU of the board I'm integrating with. The telnet traffic will be interpreted in the MCU. Do I _need_ do do any programming in the XPort, or is it the default behavior, built into the firmware, to pass telnet input over the serial pins? Or perhaps there are some images out there already that do this?

    Many thanks!


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    The basic XPort cannot run Linux, only the Pro.
    For basic <-> MCU, the standard Evolution firmware supports this sort of tunneling as-is. See


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      The standard XPort doesn't run Linux or Evolution. But based on what you want to do (telnet to serial), you don't have to do any custom programming.

      Using the factory firmware, you can do that. In the settings, set the tunnel to Accept Mode, and when you telnet to port 10001 (that's the default, but you can change it), you will be communicating with the XPort's serial port.