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Send E-Mails : how ? (please help)

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  • Send E-Mails : how ? (please help)


    does someone know how to send e-mails from XPORT-Pro (Linux SDK 2.0) to SMTP servers (yahoo, hotmail, gmail,...) ?

    We made a script in perl, but I didn't succeed to built perl. So we decided to use SENDMAIL for this. But we don't know how to configure it in a ?CLinux.

    please help, it remains just 1 week before this part of project deadline, and we're already late...

    thank you !

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    Up please ! it's really important


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      hi again !

      I'd try to add some details since I'm still trying to make it work.
      I try to use :

      sendmail -S XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:XXX -f [email protected] -s "subjectOfMail" -au myLogin -ap myPasswd [email protected]

      it returns an error :
      "sendmail: NOOP failed"

      I gues that's because it can't communicate with the MTA server. But I have no clues...

      could you help me to find the solution please ?

      thx everybody !


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        Well, still no answer...

        I wrote my own program to send e-mails. The problem which remains is the size of the executable we obtain.
        When I compile with a computer, the executable is about 30kB, but when it's done with cross compilation for ?CLinux, the executable is about 750kB. I know it should be the way to add openssl libraries, but I can't find how to add this properly. I use the same way as BOA(with SSL) :

        CFLAGS += -DSERVER_SSL=1 -I../../../openssl/this/include
        EXTRALIBS += -L../../../openssl/this $(LIBSSL) $(LIBCRYPTO)

        ... $(CC) ... $(EXTRALIBS) ...

        if someone wants to help with the size of the executable, feel free


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          I think the sendmail can do this in uClinux. But I've not practiced. Any body who has tried? Thanks.


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            I tried this:

            / # sendmail -S -s "Subject" -f [email protected] -F "MyName" -au [email protected] -ap 12345678 [email protected]
            sendmail: MAIL FROM:<[email protected]> failed
            / #

            I have built in the openssl library and built openssl and openssh in Busybox.

            I have some questions:

            1. Why there is no openssl command in Busybox?

            2. Why my dns doesn't work? I have to use the IP address instead of

            3. I failed. I can't figure out why MAIL FROM:xxxx failed.

            Any hints will be appreciated. Thanks.