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fw-upgrade locks up during tftp transfer, no source ?

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  • fw-upgrade locks up during tftp transfer, no source ?

    Hi, I'm trying to use the built-in fw-upgrade application, via tftp to
    the /var/firmware.img pipe on the Xport/Pro.
    using the trace and verbose options in tftp on the ubuntu VM I can see it
    send the first 95 or so blocks very quickly, but then it just hangs up, and eventually times out. (Unless I've followed the instructions and set the timeout to 999999).
    I tried to look at the fw-upgrade source code, to instrument the Xport.Pro process, but it looks like the source is only for a minimal 'main' wrapper, and the actual firmware update code is only supplied as a library archive:
    so its not possible to find out whats going on.
    Also, on a similar note, the dBUG startup prints

    "Accepting FW upgrades"

    How do I get an upgrade to occur at that point ?


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    What are the steps you took to get the firmware upgrade done?

    Do you have TFTP firmware update enabled in configuration?

    Can you configure the device so that you can see syslog. That should show some log messages.