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Announcing XPort Pro Linux SDK

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  • Announcing XPort Pro Linux SDK

    The XPort Pro Linux SDK version is now released!

    This release (see attachment at the end of this message) is the first for the XPort Pro platform.

    Please be aware that this SDK can only be used on a x86 Linux Host machine. It was not validated on any 64 bit distributions.

    All documentation can be found in the Documentation folder on the CD/mounted ISO image.

    The attached ISO file contains the SDK release, and includes the following:
    • SDK User Guide
    • SDK Quick Start Guide
    • uClinux based SDK
    • Cross compilation tools for x86 Linux
    • Some sample applications

    We are very interested about successful/unsuccessful installations on Linux distributions other than the officially supported ones. In general, any feedback is highly appreciated.

    The md5sum for the ISO image is: 891fe311dad91e1b6cee0eb5ce2b37be
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