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I need a new default index.html

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  • I need a new default index.html

    I am evaluating an XPort Pro with uClinux. When browsing to its IP address, a very minimalistic manage appears. This manager's index.html resides in root/www directory. This is in a "read-only file system" and cannot be easily replaced. The user manual advised creating a /html/config directory and placing an overriding index.html there. Sounds good, but I can't mkdir it because of the read-only file system. The only way I can see is to build a custom image with the SDK and load it in to the XPort Pro. I DL'd the Ubuntu/SDK VMware image and got it to (mostly) build the default image, with some errors. How wonderfully typical. The documentation outlines how to load the image via a serial port. Unfortunately, our board doesn't have a serial port and there isn't a published procedure for doing it through the Ethernet. I am not a Linux guru so I need a written procedure. With a regular XPort, I would simply use device installer. Unfortunately, I discovered that device installer doesn't work with the Linux XPort Pros. Wonderful, again. I asked the Lantronix FAE and he was clueless and ultimately sent me the FAE Linux training PowerPoint presentation which is pretty much useless. Wonderful for a third time. So what I need, is a way to build a custom image that has our web app in it without errors, and a way to load it into the XPort Pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated.