We add mbus program ( serial com program) to XPortPro using Linux SDK
This program is that
- Data which is in send buffer send to PLC and some data from PLC is stored to Receive buffer. I attached mbus program.

Connect PC and evaluation board of XPortpro via RS232C.
After downloaded kernel image from TFTP server, set Login path using passwd command

After that, connected XPortPro to PLC via RS232C like below.

PC - - LAN - - XPortPro - - RS232C - - PLC

User do the telnet connection to XPortPro.
run the mbus program using "#mbus" command.

First XPortPro send request command to PLC and PLC returned response data to XPortPro. but during receiving data, XPortPro send some data to PLC. So communication error was occurred. When this program run on Linux virtual machine, this communication was done normally.

I added mbus program and error summary below link


if someone has any idea, Please advise.

Shinji Michii / ADT