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Flashing xPort Pro X04R nearly impossible

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  • Flashing xPort Pro X04R nearly impossible


    we have been working with the X02R-Version of the xPort Pro the last years and hadn't much problems flashing an image into it with downloading and flashing an image over the bootloader and TFTP.

    But now we had to buy the new X04R-Version which has a new memory chip built-in and we had to compile our software with the newer SDK 2.0.11. When I now try to download and flash the built image into the xPort Pro with the bootloader (command dnfl), it's much slower while flashing and nearly always it hangs when writing the image into the flash. I tried it from different computers and TFTP-servers, but its always the same problem.

    Are there other people who had the same problem or what can I make wrong?

    Regards Tom

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    In the .11 SDK dBUG directory, you will find a new dbug V882 rom file (dbug_16mb-R882.romz) - flash the new dbug first, reboot, then retry your new image. I believe the command is dndbug - report back if that doesn't solve the problem.


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      Thanks for for your fast response. I flashed the new DBUG-version into the device and now it's programming our software image in an awesome speed, I nearly cannot believe it. Before it needed minutes now it flashes it in 3 seconds. Thank you very much for your help!