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  • Hardware watchdog

    I am trying to use the hardware watchdog from linux to recover the xport pro when it freezes. When I write to /dev/watchdog by using the command line like

    echo 1 > /dev/watchdog

    I can see the following kernel message after a while:

    <6>m520x_wdt: Watchdog timer is now enabled.
    <2>m520x_wdt: Unexpected close, not stopping watchdog!
    <4>m520x_wdt: Heartbeat lost! Will not ping the watchdog

    After this I would expect the the system to reset after a while (30 s seems to be the default value according to the watchdog driver source code). But nothing happens.

    Do I miss something?

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    The new SDK just posted yesterday, automatically incorporates a watchdog timer reset. It is highly recommended that everyone use the new SDK which is compatible with the new memory chip on the XPort Pro.