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  • tftpd

    Im trying to create a tftpboot directory on root so i can pull and put files onto the matchport box but it is a read-only file system. what's the best way around this so i can get tftpd working?

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    There are multiple types of images that can be created using the SDK. The User Guide discusses the various formats and the flash memory maps for using the various image types.

    Typically the firmware image created is a kernel + ROMFS (read-only root file system). However a separate JFFS2 partition is also created and mounted on /usr/local/ I believe.
    You can use this partition/mount point to transfer files into the MatchPort AR unit.

    tftpd on MatchPort AR can be restarted to point to a different root directory.


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      new issue tftp

      I got the tftp working on the mounted flash but now i have a new issue. I have a program that is grabbing a file using tftp from the linux lantronix box. After a certain time period(time frame varies) the tftp on the lantronix stops responding. i try "get ipaddress filename" and it gives me a timeout error. if i restart the lantronix box; then everything is back up and i can then pull again using tftp. any ideas? thanks


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        I know this post is a few years old, but did you ever resolve this situation with tftpd not responding like this juice?
        CentOS 5.4
        Matchport AR
        Linux SDK