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No execinfo.h?

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  • No execinfo.h?

    I've made up something in normal Eclipse (so I can test it without needing to get it on the hardware). Now I've come to try it on the target, I'm getting errors from Sourcery's version of Eclipse that there's no file "execinfo.h", which my error handler uses to grab a stack trace.

    Is this something that doesn't exist on uLinux, and is there another way to go about it?

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    We do not currently support using the Eclipse IDE with our Linux SDK.


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      Nothing to do with the fact I'm using Eclipse, surely? m68k-uclinux-gcc simply can't find a standard glibc header file, because it's not present in the SDK.

      The question is should it be present? Is there a fundamental reason (like in the case of fork) or is it an oversight? If there's a fundamental reason, is there an alternative way of getting a call stack?


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        The SDK is based on uClinux which uses uClibc instead of the standard glibc for efficiency purposes. In general, uClibc should be considered a subset of glibc. Unfortunately, it appears that execinfo.h is not a part of uClibc.
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