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Validated Linux Distributions with minimal package dependencies for the host OS

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  • Johan Adler
    SDK 2.0 installed and seems to be working. Ubuntu 10.4.1 LTS, both 32- and 64-bit versions. No strange dependencies noted.

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  • Draconi
    Mandriva 2009.1

    I've got the V2.0 SDK Beta running on Mandriva Linux 2009.1 (file: open_linux_sdk-

    I already have a ton of devel RPMs loaded on here. I don't recall having to install anything additionally.

    I was able to create an image.bin with the "led" and "cpm" programs and get it installed on an XPort Pro without issue.

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  • Peter
    Fedora 11

    For Fedora 11 gcc-c++ is needed in addition to gcc, make, glibc-devel
    If gcc-c++ is missing the stops when cmake is compiled

    2 Packets have different names within Fedora 11
    - libncurses-devel is called ncurses-devel
    - and tftpd is called tftp server

    Last edited by Peter; 04-12-2010, 11:22 PM. Reason: Adding a line describing the error if gcc-c++ is missing

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  • bobolopolis
    I managed to get the SDK up and running on an amd64 Gentoo system. Since the install script assumes the system has either dpkg or rpm, I commented out all dependency checks in <cd directory>/scripts/

    Of the dependencies, the following are normally already installed on a fresh Gentoo system:

    There are two packages that are required according to the script that are not normally already on a gentoo system:

    The optional/recommended packages listed in the manual are:
    For SSH: net-misc/openssh
    For NFS: net-fs/nfs-utils (see
    For GTK configuration: gnome-base/libglade
    For Qt configuration: x11-libs/qt-core

    I have not actually tested the GTK or Qt configuration, but if you have XFCE or Gnome installed, libglade will be installed. Likewise, if you have KDE installed, Qt will already be there.

    So other than removing the sections of the script that are specific to Debian/Red Hat based systems, I haven't had any issues compiling and flashing the XPort Pro from my 64-bit Gentoo system.
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  • kletzli
    SuSE 11.x 64-bit

    If you select equivalent packages to the Redhat set, everything builds, and I can load kernels on the XPort Pro that execute. You need to use qt3-devel instead of qt-devel, but the rest is pretty similar.

    I am having a problem configuring the CP bits with kernels compiled with that system. I don't know if that is related to the 64-bit setup or not. The Motorola cross-compiler doesn't seem to care, so I think that problem lies elsewhere.

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  • roman3017

    I had to also install zlib1g-dev and link /bin/sh to bash instead of default dash on Ubuntu 9.10.

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  • Validated Linux Distributions with minimal package dependencies for the host OS

    Linux distributions are updated at a fast pace. Faster then we can update the official manuals.

    In this thread we document the minimal set of required packages that need to be installed on top of a base installation of common Linux distributions prior to the installation of the current SDK version.

    Please let us know of any other distributions or versions that you were able to install the SDK on successfully and we will update the list with your input. It would be great if you could provide a minimal set of packages that needed to be installed, too.

    Please be aware that at the moment we have only validated 32 bit distributions but we would gladly include 64 bit versions as well.

    Redhat-based distributions

    Fedora 11, Fedora Core 6, Fedora Core 5

    CentOS 5.3, CentOS 5.2
    • groupinstall 'Development Tools' (installs a lot of additional development tools not necessary for the SDK)
      or gcc, make, glibc-devel
    • python
    • sudo
    • libacl-devel
    • tftpd or tftpd-hpa
    • libtasn1-devel

    optional but recommended packages
    • openssh, openssh-clients, openssh-server
    • nfs-utils
    • libncurses-devel (for the ncurses-based configuration utility)
    • libglade2-devel (for the GTK-based graphical configuration utility)
    • qt-devel (for the Qt3-based graphical configuration utility)

    Debian-based distributions:

    Debian Lenny 5.0.2
    Ubuntu 9.04, 8.10, 8.04
    • build-essential
    • python
    • sudo
    • libacl1-dev
    • tftpd or tftpd-hpa
    • libtasn1-3-dev

    optional but recommended packages
    • ssh
    • nfs-kernel-server
    • libncurses5-dev (for the ncurses-based configuration utility)
    • libglade2-dev (for the GTK-based graphical configuration utility)
    • libqt3-mt-dev (for the Qt3-based graphical configuration utility)
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