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  • startup application at boot

    I've written a simple application for my XPort Pro Linux, based on the sample code from the SDK. I'd like to configure my XPort to launch this app when the hardware boots up.

    It looks like there are several scripts launched at boot time under /etc/rcS.d, and that seems like the most logical place to put a startup script for my app, but the /etc directory is read-only. Is there somewhere under /usr/local where I can add a startup script?

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    Several of the SDK examples have 'config' directories, which contain etc/rcS.d/ subdirectories... startup scripts go there, and are eventually built into the image.bin file. The Makefile for your custom app will need to be modified accordingly to include commands to copy the script to the correct location in the filesystem, see other SDK examples for a reference.


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      See: .../Linux/vendors/Lantronix/XPort_Pro/romfs_extra/etc
      You can add it to inittab, or modifiy it to start another init.d/rc file, etc.
      Or follow the path used by the s2e application - see .../Linux/user/lantronix/s2e/config/etc