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how to restore xport pro lx6 to factory image

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  • how to restore xport pro lx6 to factory image

    Can anyone tell me how to restore the Xport Pro Lx6 to it's factoy firmware? I currently have flashed the device with my image.bin file created using the SDK. I would like to restore it to the factory software load.

    The latest firmware file posted on the Lantronix website at

    has a .rom file format. I would like to install it so I can test my procedure to reflash a stock part with my new image from the SDK using netcon. I can't find any directions in the documentation on how to load a .rom file once you have flashed the device with an image.bin file and the stock web page is no longer available.


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    To recovery the factory firmware, please download "Device Installer".

    Device Installer download page:

    In Device Installer, please go to "Tools-> Recovery Firmware".

    You should use "serial or usb" to do the Recovery Firmware. If you have questions about Device Installer, please refer to the Documents in the download page. It might help.


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      If you are doing SDK work, you 'really' should be using the XPP Linux not the LX6.
      The XPP Linux / SDK uses a different dBUG image than the LX6.
      So my first question is: did you ever push dBUG into the LX6 during your SDK work?
      The LX6 must have dbug_16mb_nuevo-R847.romz loaded first. Then it expects a specific .bin file to be loaded over the network (just like you do your SDK bin file).
      The XPP SDK dBUG is dbug_16mb-R847.romz
      The LX6 bin file is not readily available. Please contact me directly at [email protected]