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Apps error when ran on MatchportAR

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  • Apps error when ran on MatchportAR

    Hi everyone. I have a Matchport AR running Linux, and using the Linux SDK to compile some simple apps to run on the Matchport AR.

    The issue is, every time I run my application on the Matchport I get this message:

    <4>BINFMT_FLAT: reloc outside program 0x1200000 (0 - 0xe824/0x9d20), killing helloworld!

    after running "dmesg".

    I am compiling these applications by running the ". /env_m68k_uclinux then "Make".

    The weird thing is that even trying to compile the S2e example program and running it, it does the same exact thing.

    I am TFTP'ing these applications into /usr/local could that be the problem they aren't on ROMFS? I'd like to be able to run them on the JFFS

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