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Getting Started, please help first time 'xporter'

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  • Getting Started, please help first time 'xporter'

    Hey Guys, Im new to XPort PRo,

    I am able to build uClinux image and install the image onto the xport pro device with no issues.

    Next i want to tailor the specific image to have an application to in this case take the serial data from a micro and act accordingly, i.e send an email or display this on a html webpage. In this case it will be the webpage.

    prior to building the image where and what directory do i store my html files in so they are included in the built image and where do i configure boa and my network settings prior to building the image so the settings are in effect when the xport runs this image?

    also i am wanting to write a python script and needing to know how and where do i install this application so it is included in the build?