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MatchPort AR - Does it run Linux?

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  • MatchPort AR - Does it run Linux?

    According to the Linux SDK Quick Start Guide the MatchPort AR is listed which could mean it support running Linux. However if you go to the Lantronix website, no mention of Linux on the product page. Only Evolution OS is listed.

    My question is: Does the MatchPort AR (or NR) support the Linux operating system as well as the Linux SDK like the XPort Pro Linux does?

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    There is a part number for the MatchPort AR that comes pre-installed with Linux, it's MPR4002000-01. This is one of the platforms that the SDK supports.

    The MatchPort NR doesn't support the Linux SDK.


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      Thanks very much. I missed that on the website.

      Looks like LANTronix just forgot to put the Linux logo next to the Evolution OS logo like on the XPort Pro product page.